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Yoga Classes

The main goal in our yoga practices is the integration of the core life aspects, we work towards the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We search and explore the concept of wholeness, through the asana, pranayama and meditation practice.

With the asana, physical posture, we aim to build on our strength and flexibility without pressure to perform or do fancy poses but to learn to listen to our bodies and practice yoga in a way that feels comfortable and safe for us individually. You will learn self-awareness and honouring our bodies unique abilities and limitations.

From the moment you step on the mat, you will build up and cultivate the balance of your prana, learning breathing techniques to improve your oxygen saturation and re-calibrating your nervous system. We are then able to begin our internal practice, experiencing all the benefits of the meditation


Our certified Yoga teacher, Myriam, is also a Torquay local and has worked at Great Ocean Road for 6 years.

Myriam has been practicing yoga for 8 years and completed her course in Ashtanga. She enjoys teaching people a new skill and helping people through their practice.

All abilities are welcome and you don't need to have previous experience or training. Myriam will help you to get the most of her class. 

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  • Parking is available onsite within Great Ocean Road Resort

  • Our yoga space can be accessed via the steps to the pool deck, located off the main path down the centre of the property 

  • We can also offer private yoga & meditation in a beautiful natural bush or beach setting off-site



  • Classes and flow will be adjusted according to the needs of the individual or group, so all abilities and levels welcome!

  • For public classes, please BYO mat, props and sweat towel if you have them, as we only have a limited number of mats reserved for private yoga and retreat guests

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