Wellness Retreats

Our Wellness Retreats are tailored experiences designed to give you a sense of balance and wellbeing. Enjoy our beautifully appointed rooms overnight, or for as long as you like. Take time out for yourself, rest and de-stress. Focus on slowing down and understand the importance of calmness in your life. Spending time in our beautiful surroundings, whether it be at the beach, by the river or in the forest, will help you connect with nature and relieve stress.

Our wellness consultants and spa therapists can take you on the complete wellness journey from Nutrition, Kinesiology, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Reiki or something more active like Mountain Bike Riding, Bush Walks and Personal Training.


There will be plenty of time to relax in our beautiful day spa and feel completely renewed in both body and mind. We have a number of wellness journeys designed for you, or you are welcome to design your own choosing from our experiences. 


Call and speak to our wonderful therapists at Lux Spa & Wellness who can help tailor the perfect journey for you. Let us know how many nights you would like to stay with us at Great Ocean Road Resort and we can recommend treatments from our extensive spa menu to suit your skin type and relaxation needs. Next we will help you choose an experience based on what you are looking for on your wellness journey.


Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body, be it structural, emotional, nutritional or chemical. With the use of muscle testing, kinesiologists find the glitch that is stopping you from moving forward. Look forward, find your magic and leave the obstacles of the past behind.

Nutrition looks at what is going into our bodies. Health and wellbeing are affected by multiple external and internal factors, some of which lead to functional disorders and chronic disease. Your Nutritional Medicine practitioner will identify the cause of dysfunction, develop a specified treatment and prevention plan and give you the tools you require to re-establish and maintain wellbeing. 

Nutrition alongside of Kinesiology, ignites powerful healing. Stress plays a major role in our health & wellbeing, with Kinesiology diffusing stress, this allows your physical body the chance to come back into homeostasis.

Personal training is offered both on and off site. Our personal trainers focus on your needs to provide the advice and motivation you need to get in shape and be the best version of yourself. 

Yoga and Pilates are taught allowing you to find your balance and restore your mind in a welcoming space. Focus on your body with specific exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and posture, while strengthening your muscles. 

Meditation classes will guide you to a sense of calm. Take a break from everyday life and reach a clear mental and emotional state. Mindfulness works to reduce stress while improving your mood, awareness and sleep. 

Mountain bike riding sessions take you as far or close to the Resort as time permits. We have sessions for beginners, showing you the basics of mountain biking, all the way through to riders with experience, wanting to experience Anglesea’s trail network.

Coastal and nature hikes can take you on walks at any time of the day, however, early morning/evening, will have you hearing the abundance of bird life that surrounds us. Join in on a short river walk, or become a little adventurous, and take a hike around the beautiful Currawong Falls loop. 

Infrared Sauna sessions allow you to unwind and enjoy the warmth and relaxation of infrared heat. Choose from 6 customised wellness programs depending on your needs. Infrared helps the body to sweat, detox, cleanse and rejuvenate. Use our chromotherapy option to enhance your experience with light therapy. Each light has a different effect: relaxation, clarity, energy, focus, balance or positivity. Ideal to compliment a massage treatment to further reduce muscle tension and stress.

Shirodhara is a unique experience at our day spa. Be transported to a complete state of relaxation as a warm and consistent flow of oil is streamed on the forehead, specifically on the ‘third eye’. As the warm oil flows over the scalp and through the hair, creating a
harmonious sensation, it allows your body to release serotonin and encourage a balance of mind, body & spirit. This soothing oil is then massaged into the scalp to further release any areas of tension.

Private surfing lessons can be arranged for you while you are staying on the Surf Coast, one of the world’s most famous surf regions. Surf some of the region’s rich surf breaks.

Our Retreats...

Pure Spa Retreat | $680 per person | $1360 per couple

The Pure Spa Retreat will leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. If your idea of a retreat is taking time out for yourself in the spa and being completely pampered from head to toe, then this is the retreat for you. If you do not want to leave us, enjoy a night in one of our waterfront apartments.

  • 120 min water therapy & body treatment – Choose between either a soak in our Geisha tub or steam in our Vichy and steam capsule, followed by a head to toe exfoliation with our marine salts before enjoying a full body massage

  • 75 min facial treatment – Consultation with our state of the art Clairderm skin analysis and High Performance Facial

  • 60 min Rebalancing Pedicure or Manicure

  • Enjoy local produce meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Use of our gym, pool, spa, steam room & tennis court

Overnight Accommodation in a Waterfront Apartment with Dinner and Breakfast
$350 per person | $575 per couple​

Balance Retreat | 1-Night stay | $975 per person | $1700 per couple

The Balance Retreat will allow you to check in with yourself and help us to guide you on to the right track with nutrition advice and a Kinesiology session. A grounding foot treatment and lymphatic massage will complete this session, stimulating your lymphatic system and improving your general wellbeing.

  • 1-Night stay in a Waterfront Apartment 

  • 60 min kinesiology and nutrition session

  • 30 min Lux Signature Grounding Foot Soak

  • 60 min lymphatic massage or therapeutic massage

  • 60 min Infrared Sauna session

  • Enjoy local produce meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Use of our gym , pool, spa, steam room & tennis court

Spiritual Awakening Retreat | 2-Night stay | $1900 per person | $3100 per couple

This retreat will transport you to a complete state of relaxation while balancing your energy centres. Through meditation, yoga, reiki, sound therapy and Shirodhara, you will experience a harmonious balance of mind, body & spirit.

  • 2-Night stay in a Waterfront Apartment with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 1

  • 90 min morning meditation & yoga session in-spa or beach/river location

  • 60 min reiki and sound therapy session

  • 60 min Pevonia High Performance Facial 

  • Use of gym, pool, spa and steam room & tennis court

Day 2 

  • 90 min meditation & yoga session

  • 90 min herbal compress massage with sound therapy and Shirodhara treatment

  • 60 min Rebalancing Pedicure

  • 60 min Infrared Sauna session​

Waterfront Wellness Retreat | 2-Night stay | $1645 per person | $2690 per couple

Enjoy two nights of complete relaxation in one of our waterfront apartments overlooking the picturesque Anglesea River with lunch and dinner included from our onsite restaurant, The Coast. These are beautifully appointed and spaciously designed rooms which you will never have to leave if you choose not to. Our therapists can offer you in-room yoga/Pilates and meditation sessions, or if you would prefer, by the beach or in a bush setting. Massage and beauty treatments can also be performed for you in-room while taking in the beautiful views. 


  • 2-Night stay in a Waterfront Apartment

Day 1

  • On arrival, receive a fruit and cheese platter with a bottle of our local sparkling wine to you enjoy together after your Pevonia facial, while your hands and feet are pampered.

  • 60 min Pevonia High Performance Facial 

  • 60 min Rebalancing Pedicure or Manicure 

Day 2

  • 90 min meditation & yoga/Pilates session

  • 75 min massage with Pevonia’s Anti-Ageing Soothing Eye Treatment – Tailor your massage by choosing from one of our many massage therapies, therapeutic massage, hot stone, herbal poultice or decadent mud massage

  • 60 min Infrared Sauna session

Couples Retreat | 2-Night stay | $2750 per couple

Enjoy a 2-night stay in our Waterfront Apartment and dine in at The Coast Restaurant with a complimentary bottle of local wine during your first evening with us. On the following day, spend 3 relaxing hours indulging in spa treatments at Lux Spa & Wellness. 

Escape to our intimate couple’s spa suite and take some time to reconnect. Here, you will feel free to unwind and enjoy a luxury spa bathing for two in our Geisha tub, paired with aromatic sea salts for you to polish your worries away or simply infuse the warm water for a revitalising soak. Once your body has experienced the healing properties of essential minerals, you will then be indulged in a relaxing full body massage followed by a pressure point foot and scalp therapy. Next your therapist will perform one of Pevonia’s Myoxy Caviar & Pearl facials or the Men’s Skin Fit facial. Revitalising your skin with the ultimate in anti-ageing skin care luxury. Unwind and enjoy a glass of local wine and decadent chocolate dipped strawberries by our open gas log fire, completing your retreat.​

Baby Moon Retreat | 2-Night stay | $1990 per couple

Escape to beautiful Anglesea and enjoy a 2-night stay with us at the Great Ocean Road Resort. Take time to relax in our beautiful surroundings. A long leisurely walk along the beach or riverfront with your loved one will rejuvenate you both or take the time to do very little while you still can. Dinners together can be enjoyed in our onsite restaurant, The Coast. Ask our friendly staff where you can venture out to, to enjoy one of our local cafe’s delicious breakfasts. You will also be gifted a baby moon gift hamper for when your bub arrives. Kinesiology or prenatal yoga can also be arranged at the time of your booking.


The perfect spa treatment awaits you at Lux Spa & Wellness, designed especially for you and your partner to enjoy some R&R before the arrival of your bub. Our couple’s spa suite gives you the perfect setting to relax into a 2-hour baby moon journey. 


Relax in one of our lush spa gowns while your feet are immersed in our soothing milk foot soak as you sip on a personally selected herbal tea. A foot and lower leg exfoliation and massage is performed to relieve any tension and swelling. Melt into a pregnancy massage designed specifically for the needs of a pregnant women, relaxing tense muscles from the change in posture and easing aching legs and hips. Your partner will enjoy a therapeutic massage targeting areas of need. Realign your body’s natural balance, beginning and completing your massage with the therapeutic vibrations of sound therapy. 


Complete your baby moon retreat as your senses are enlightened in the heavenly scents of the organic facial with blends of botanical and marine ingredients while your therapist uses the healing power of touch to reveal your best self. Come back from ultimate tranquility with a refreshment and spa cuisine, nestled by our open gas log fire.

Fitness and Vitality Retreat | 3-night stay | $3100 per person | $5100 per couple

Our Fitness and Vitality Retreat allows our personal trainers to plan a fitness and nutrition regime that you can continue once you’ve returned home. They will have you engaged in training sessions giving you the best possible results. 

Our spa therapists will help revitalise those tired muscles through our spa treatments, having you back up and ready for your next session the following day. Three night’s accommodation in our Waterfront Apartment will give you a well-earned rest. Breakfast and lunch are also included.

Day 1 

  • 60 min session with personal trainer on or off site

  • 60 min Infrared Sauna session

  • 60 min nutrition session

  • 90 min Lux Signature Grounding Foot Soak and mud massage especially designed to relieve tired muscles

Day 2 

  • 60 min session with a personal trainer on or off site

  • Your choice of outdoor adventure activity – Mountain Bike Riding, Walking, Kayaking or Surfing

  • 90 min Geisha tub soak and full body therapeutic massage 

  • 60 min High Performance Facial or Men’s Skin Fit Facial

Day 3 

  • 60 min session with a personal trainer 

  • 120 min body exfoliation and mud wrap with hot stone massage 

  • 60 min Infrared Sauna session

  • Dinner at The Coast Restaurant

Complete Wellness Journey | 4-Night stay | $4450 per person | $7450 per couple

This retreat belongs to you, personalised to suit your own needs. Speak with one of our experienced therapists who will help you design your retreat. Accommodation, lunch and dinner is also included. Some suggestions have been listed below. 

Day 1
Start your morning by taking a short walk or drive into our beautiful forest surroundings where you will enjoy a yoga, Pilates or mediation session. 

Choose from one of our many massage treatments, the classic therapeutic massage or hot stone, herbal poultice or mud massage. Complete this experience with our Shirodhara treatment. Not only will you be taken to a complete meditative state with warm oil flowing onto your third eye, your scalp and hair will be completely nourished through a warm oil scalp massage. Relax in our client lounge with spa cuisine or visit our onsite restaurant. Complete your day by enjoying an Infrared Sauna session or with a dip in the pool, spa or steam room.

Day 2
Start your morning with a personal training session, yoga/Pilates or meditation followed by a 90-minute Nutrition & Kinesiology session. 

Revive your skin, one of our experienced therapists will take you on a complete skin journey. A full skin consultation using our State of the art Clairderm skin analyser will allow your therapist to choose a Pevonia High Performance Facial to give you the best possible results. Before relaxing into your facial, our Lux Signature Grounding Foot Soak will be performed, your feet soaked, exfoliated and massaged while you enjoy one of our personalised herbal teas. Once your Pevonia facial experience is complete, a full skin care regime will also be recommended so you can continue to treat your skin from home. Complete your evening by enjoying dinner in our onsite restaurant, The Coast.

Day 3
Start your morning with a beach walk, mountain bike ride, yoga or meditation. Today your body will thank you – choose between one of our water therapies. Soak in our Geisha tub immersed in a milk bath or be invigorated by our steam and Vichy capsule treatment. Your body will be renewed from head to toe with our sea salt exfoliation before being cocooned in one of our body muds. Complete this experience by being lathered in our micro-emulsion body cream. A 60-minute Infrared Sauna session will detox and energise you, giving you a spring in your step.

Day 4
Make the most of your last day enjoying another short trip into our beautiful forest surroundings and enjoy a personal training, yoga/Pilates or meditation session. Did you have a chance to explore our beaches or river? If not, this might be your chosen destination. Have you always wanted to take a surfing lesson, kayak or paddle board? We can also organise this for you. Return to the day spa, slip into a gown and enjoy an Infrared Sauna session before we work our magic.

The last day of your retreat will leave you looking and feeling amazing before your return home. Choose a treatment from our spa menu that you have not yet experienced, relax in our lounge enjoying our locally sourced spa cuisine and a glass of sparkling wine. Maintenance is next on the agenda, return home not only completely rejuvenated but looking amazing too. Waxing, tinting, lash lift or brow lamination & sculpt is on today’s menu. Leave with well-manicured feet and hands while an anti-ageing eye treatment works it magic. 

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