Wellness Retreats

Our all-inclusive small group lifestyle retreats will provide you with an unforgettable wellness experience. Designed by our wellness director, Michelle Moloney, our retreats are tailored uniquely to your needs to improve well-being. Retreat sessions are targeted towards physical well-being, mental health, nutrition and mindfulness. 

Great Ocean Road Resort provides the perfect coastal location to help you connect with nature. We have taken the stress out of planning with indulgent spa treatments, contemporary cuisine prepared by our chefs and qualified facilitators, all at your fingertips.

"Rise Up"
Mother & Teen Retreat

Next retreat: 23rd - 25th October 2021

Our Mother and Teen Retreat is the perfect way to escape regular routine and spend quality time together. Sessions aim to build confidence, independence and empowerment in a relaxed environment. Escape, relax and feel more connected to your teen over our weekend retreat. 

"Men's Well-being"
Retreat for Men

Next retreat: 6th - 8th October 2021

Whether you have been overworked, or simply feel like you have lost your place in the home or social environment, this midweek retreat provides the time out you need to reconnect or develop a stronger sense of purpose. Be inspired by guest speaker, Sean Purcell, with time for relaxation, mindfulness, being active and connecting with nature. 

"Welcome to Parenthood"
Postnatal Retreat

Next retreat: 13th - 15th October 2021

In our post-natal retreat, learn how you can support yourself and how your partner can support you after birth. Guided by our experienced facilitators, you'll discover infant massage techniques focused on developing healthy bonds, how to adjust to new roles at home as well as time for spa treatments, nourishing meals, gentle movement, relaxation and mindfulness. 

"Women's Change of Life"
Menopause Retreat

Next retreat: 3rd - 5th November 2021

Menopause can be daunting for some women, and an absolute breeze for others. This all-inclusive nurturing retreat will help you manage this change of life with more ease and balance, with key tips on what is happening within your own system. 

"Expecting Mums"
Pre-natal Retreat

Next retreat: 17th - 19th November 2021

Take time out to nourish yourself before birth. This nurturing retreat will support you and your partner or birth support person. You will be prepared for the birth of your little one by finding balance in both of your bodies and learning techniques to support yourself or your partner in birth. 

"Gut & Brain Connection"
Gut Health Retreat

Next retreat: 10th - 12th November 2021

When your gut is unhappy, your brain reflects what is happening in your gut. Through having a balanced gut microbiome, your brain and feelings can become much happier and more balanced. Learn from our Nutritionist, Jo Hand, as well as experiencing nature and mindfulness in our gut health retreat to get you feeling your best. 

Health & Well-being Retreat

Next retreat: 8th - 10th December 2021

This nurturing retreat will have you feeling grounded coming into the new year. Switch off from technology, learn how to replenish yourself with nourishing foods, experience nature, pampering and relaxation. Put this year behind you, let go of any built-up stress and discover a new mindset for 2022. 

Immune Health Retreat

Next retreat: 15th - 17th December 2021

There is no better time to boost your immune system! In our 'Flourish' Retreat, you will learn simple and effective ways to improve your gut health, leaving you feeling much more prepared to support your, and your families’ immune health. 


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